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Audio Editing


Send me your raw audio or video files. I'll turn them into a finished audio file ready for publishing. I'll cut out mistakes and unwanted content, balance the audio levels of each speaker, remove background noise, and set your podcast to the correct volume.

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Tape Sync


If you can't be in the same room as your interviewee, I can be there in-person to record them. I have a Zoom H6 recorder and multiple high quality microphones. I can do a tape sync anywhere within a one hour drive from Austin, Texas.

Production Assistance


I can help you find and book guests, research and prepare for interviews, execute remote recordings, or manage the entire production process.

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Are you launching a new podcast and would like to understand more about how the process works? Do you need help choosing the best audio equipment for your budget? I can provide guidance on all parts of the podcast production process.

I love helping people make podcasts! Please reach out with the contact button below and let me know more about your project needs. I'll follow up and provide a customized cost estimate within 24 hours.

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