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Hey there!

I'm Frank.

I edit and produce podcasts. Check out some of my original and freelance work below!

coffee 3.jpg

Do you think a coffee expert could taste a random cup and tell me what country it's from? I made the podcast below to find out.

I edited this in Adobe Audition.

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Final Podcast Cover.png

I've created three original podcasts and my newest is Here And Abroad, a show covering the USMNT soccer team. I manage each step of the production and editing process. The shows are edited in Hindenburg.


As a freelance podcast producer and editor, I've worked with a number of clients on a variety of shows. Below are a few examples.

I've worked with The World Bank Group on their podcast What Have We Learned? In the episode below, I helped them select recording equipment, managed the remote recording, and used Hindenburg to edit and mix the final show.


I helped a tech startup, vFunction, launch their new podcast Refactor This about application modernization. I've also been editing and mixing the episodes. Below is one that I did using Hindenburg.

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